Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 10: Veggies CSA and Peach Salsa

Week 10. We are into the height of summer produce here. 

This week we received: 2 lbs. tomatoes,  1 bunch turnip greens, 1 bunch carrots, 4 corn,  2 lbs, peaches, 3 peppers,  2 lbs. potatoes, 1 bunch parsley

The plan for this week is to:
  • Freeze the parsley, like this.
  • Cook the corn immediately! Shuck it, then boil it for 2-3 minutes. Corn starts turning to starch as soon as its picked. I want to cook it as soon as we receive it, to stop this process.
  • Turnip greens - this weekend make the Turnip greens recipe in the Silver Spoon cookbook. It's greens at a whole new level.
  • And, the Husband made this peach corn tomato salsa. I can't tell you the recipe because I was totally oblivious, and playing a game of trucks while he was making it. However, here's my educated guess about the ingredients: black beans, quick blanched corn, tomatoes - coarse chopped and drained, peaches, onion, garlic, broiled jalapeno - seeds removed, cilantro, lime juice, can of diced chilies, salt and pepper. Inspired by the salsa, I tried making fried homemade tortilla chips. WHOA. The tortilla chips were buttery. The full combination was fantastic. The peaches were sweet and ripe compared to the juicy acidic tomatoes and the buttery tortilla chips, wow. 


  1. How long does the corn keep after you cook it for 2-3 minutes? And do you re-heat it before eating?

  2. As long as you wrap the corn up before you put it in the fridge, meaning in saran wrap or in tupperware, the corn likely would keep for a week. I don't tend to reheat it, but I think we eat more cold foods than others. Alternatively, you probably could dip it back in boiling water to warm it up, or cut off the kernels and saute it briefly in butter.

  3. for reheating corn - this is totally delicious.