Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our eggs come from here...

Our eggs come from right here: 

That's the Rutabaga showing you his favorite chicken. We recently found that you can get fresh eggs from Wright-Locke Farm just up in Winchester. While we dream about having a chicken coop in our backyard, it's a delightful alternative only five minutes away. 

Here's the hen house:

When you go, park at the bottom of the hill. Walk up and find your way into the farm "store". It's right next to the hen house. There's a fridge inside where the eggs are. You pay based on the honor system. Then wander down to see the goats and sometimes there are sheep.

Farm fresh eggs just don't compare to the ones from the store. They are rich and delicious with neon yolks. We eat them simply hardboiled, then put on top of toast with breakfast radishes, or sliced on top of salads, or scrambled with a side of bacon. All delicious.

I appreciate having a working farm so close to our house.

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