Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Maybe I'm the last to know...

A couple household tricks that perhaps I'm the last to know. Just in case I'm not, here they are:

1) How to DIY that fancy Whole Foods foamy soap using Dr. Bronner's soap. We use this soap because it doesn't irritate Rutabaga's hands. This is a much cheaper way to make it.

2) Wool dryer balls to be used in place of dryer sheets. They absorb moisture and get rid of static electricity. No more Bounce dryer sheets, eliminating trash and costs.

3) Cloth interior shower liner. No more annoying plastic liners that get gross. This one you just throw in the washing machine when it's time to clean it.

What tips or tricks do you have?


  1. Hey MSM,
    Great info. I thought those dryer balls were just for preventing large items from bunching up.

    I am also wondering if you have any thoughts about what summer veggies I should stock in a freezer now before they become scarce? and how would I best preserve them? The parsley suggestion (earlier post) is a great one, does that work with other herbs? Like basil?

  2. I am ordering this shower liner ASAP. Our cleaning lady actually threw in the plastic liner in the washer once. It cleans but a horrible pain to dry. I like this idea better!

  3. I'm glad that the tips were helpful! Great question about what to preserve now. The answer will be a post coming up soon.