Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! It's been 6 years today that the Husband and I have been married. We met nearly 10 years ago, and both of us are still incredulous that before the end of the first date we knew we would get married. See both of us are fairly logical people. We previously thought that love was hard and took time. Don't expect miracles. Yet, that first night something was different. It was easy and obvious.

The Husband jokes that at first he thought I was a vegetarian. He was rather disappointed to realize that the woman of his dreams might not share his love of bacon. What rejoicing there was when I ordered a burger on our second date. I remember in the early days having to remind myself to ask the Husband questions because I didn't know the answers yet. He felt so deeply familiar to me, like I had known him lifetimes already.

We got married in 2007, on a beach in Dennis, MA. We still reminisce about the feeling of being announced into the room together at the reception. It was amazing to look around the room, full of our family and friends, and feel so much love reflecting back at us.

Last night we invited our friends and some lobsters over to celebrate our anniversary with us. Our friends are an integral part to our marriage staying healthy. They indulge us in our never-ending invites to come over for playing and dinner. They are our in-town family. And they even tease me that my husband is taking pictures of lobsters for some other woman called Maple Sugar Mama.

We got two 6 pound lobsters. Here they are before becoming dinner. That's Rutabaga's foot next to the lobsters.

Here they are after cooking. In the background, you can see the turkey fryer we use for our lobster  boils. The lobsters were delicious. Some folks wonder if the meat is tougher in the bigger lobsters, but I think it's actually better. You get much more lobster compared to shell in the bigger lobsters. It helps though to have a husband who is not squeamish about handling and boiling them.

At our wedding we vowed to love and to cherish, through every joy and sorrow that comes our way. It's been a wonderful six years and I'm looking forward to many, many, more.

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