Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 4: Veggie CSA

This week's bag:

Contents: 1 bunch kale,1 head broccoli, 1 squash, 1 cukes, 1 bunch yellow carrots, 1 bunch fennel, 1 bunch chioggia beets, 1 pound green beans and 1 pound fava beans 

Plan of attack:
- Freeze kale, squash and carrots.
- Steam and eat green beans all week.
- Fava beans - Try to find the recipe we had last year that was so good with fava beans. In the meantime, consider making this one: Fava Beans and Radish Bruschetta.
- Cry that we have more beets, and then roast them and sneak them into the Husband's lunches.
- Fennel?
- Lastly, roast the broccoli to eat for dinner tonight. Here's the amusing part. When I was a kid, my brother would eat the top of the broccoli floret and then hand me the bottom. Now here I am a grown-up and my kid does the same thing. He chomps off the top and hands me the bottom. I love it.

What do others have planned?


  1. We have discovered that raw kale is tasty! Serious eats has a recipe for kale Caesar salad that we like.

  2. I agree fennel has been a challenge.