Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pickles Part 2

I am beginning to appreciate exactly what my husband does all day at work. He tinkers one variable at a time to find the perfect model. Whereas, with my training, I could replicate a model for something across a whole state, and figure out how to build an entire system around it. He, in contrast, figures out how to build the original model that should be replicated, through experimenting and patiently altering one variable at a time. He's been applying this method, the one used to cure cancer, to find the perfect pickle recipe. I'm recruiting him next to apply the scientific method to my sorbet recipes.

This second iteration of the pickles was to calibrate the salt for the brine. The original pickle recipe was #7. This round was labeled #7A, #7B, and #7C. The original recipe, #7, had 1t of salt. Too little. #7C had 3T of salt, with A and B in between. #7C tasted like ocean water. It was too much. Our preferred flavor was actually between #7 and #7A. Now with the salt ratio for the brine figured out, the next variable is the spices. Stay tuned. We're getting very close to a stellar recipe here.

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