Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Maple Syrup

So now may be a good time to tell you about maple syrup...

See because I make that granola every week, and we love us some pancakes, we go through a lot of maple syrup in our house. I realized that it was so much maple syrup that I was curious to look into buying it in bigger volumes. Now we have this...

Did you know that you can freeze maple syrup? We buy a gallon of Grade B from here. Then I pour some into a manageable size container that lives in the fridge, and the rest goes into mason jars in the freezer. It makes me smile every time I open the freezer door and see that much potential for pancakes. 

Related, some day if I ever get to take a sabbatical, I'd like to go work on a maple syrup farm for the sugaring season. Something about that deeply appeals to me.

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