Saturday, July 27, 2013

Refrigerator Pickles Part 1

The Husband has been talking about making pickles for awhile. See there is place we stop between Boston and points south that has great pickles. It's called Rein's Deli and we talk about Rein's pickles ALL THE TIME. You'd think I was pregnant the amount we talk about pickles. I'm not. Don't go starting any rumors. When we got 12 pickling cukes in this week's veggie share, he decided it was time to finally start experimenting. In true scientist fashion, the man created a spreadsheet with his recipes. I love a good spreadsheet.

Here's the original bowl of 12+ pickles.

He found 8 recipes that he wanted to try, knowing that he was partial to the half-sours. He figured out how to tinker with the recipe to get it down to a pint jar worth of pickle. 

It was the perfect size for sampling. Some of the pickles had a vinegar-based brine. One had turmeric in it, another traditional pickling spices. One had 2 cups of sugar to 2/3 cup brine, and one was the Husband's own concoction.

Here they all are ready for the fridge.

The pickles marinated for 48 hours. Then we had a pickle tasting! In true fashion we invited our friends over and asked them to help. They always so graciously agree. 

I can't say that there was a group consensus, but within our house we both agreed that we liked the clean taste of #7. Generally, we liked the ones with no vinegar. Stay tuned for the next round of #7A, 7B, 7C.

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