Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week 2 - Veggie CSA

Here's this week's bag:

Here's the cute part of that picture. Check out the empty pea pods in the middle of the counter. The Rutabaga helped me unpack the bag and he found the sugar snap peas. He loves these things. He likes to open them and eat the peas inside, and then hands me the outsides to eat. Somewhere in the day he had learned the word "enormous", so we spent our time looking for all the enormous peas. 

Contents: 1 head bibb lettuce,1 head cabbage,1 head pak choi,1 bunch red chard,1 bunch french breakfast radishes,1 bunch carrots,1 bunch chioggia beets and 1 pound sugar snap peas 

Plan of attack:
Roasted and ate carrots for dinner the first night.
- Blanched and froze swiss chard and beet greens. In the winter these will go into soup or pasta- sausage-greens
- Bibb lettuce + some radishes + sugar snap peas, prepped and ready for lunch tomorrow
- Composted carrot tops, radish tops and chard stems. Although I was told about a recipe last week that used carrot tops, which I need to look into.
- Need to find a plan for the pak choi, cabbage and beets.

What did others do?

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