Sunday, June 23, 2013

Strawberry Sorbet

In the last 24 hours I've made two batches of strawberry sorbet. The first batch was from here. Delicious, but too sweet for The Husband. Today in paying more attention to the taste of a strawberry, I realized that the flavor of a strawberry is not overwhelmingly sweet, its actually just a touch sour. I needed to make a sorbet that reflected this balance of flavors and wasn't overwhelming sweet. I tinkered with this recipe next. I used basically their list of ingredients, the process from the first recipe, and reduced the sugar down to 1/2c. The second batch of sorbet is still "ripening" in the freezer, but I just snuck a bite. I think we're onto something here.

From the first batch:

See, the reason I'm so excited about sorbet is that since not eating dairy anymore, ice cream is out. It's been a real bummer not being able to enjoy this summertime ritual the last two years. But sorbet offers hope again of summer time sweetness and the fun of teaching the Rutabaga how to eat from an "ice cream" cone.


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