Monday, September 2, 2013

Spiced Peaches

My Mom remembers her own mother canning spiced peaches every year. The recipe got lost over time, but I suspect, based on where they lived, that it may be of Amish or Mennonite origin. Last year, I tried a spiced peach recipe that included vinegar. It was fine, but I tried a different recipe this year. I am hoping this one is closer to her memory.

This year, I made a recipe from Ball Preserving for Honey-Spiced Peaches. In my batch, three jars have cinnamon, allspice and cloves; three jars have star anise; and, two jars have no spices. I am looking forward to trying them, and maybe reading some old cookbooks to see if I can find that original recipe.


  1. Spiced peaches anise?!?! I might have to steal those jars. :)

    How do you use the spiced peaches throughout the year? As a dessert, a spread on bread, cupcake filling?


  2. Right now, we just eat them out of the jar as a dessert. They're quite sweet. I think they would be good chopped up and mixed into bran muffins, or as a sauce on top of a dense buttery cake. I like your thought of cupcake filling too.